About me…

Over the past several years, I have been frequently asked about the stories behind my photos. Every image, by itself, tells a visual story of a place, shows us a history, helps define a culture, lets us see wildlife that is not common in our daily lives and some, are just fun tales of human beings, just being. So in the pages and images of this blog, I will tell some of the stories behind the camera and interactions with the subjects, in front of the camera. I truly love photography. Traveling the world, seeing the world and being able to interact with and meet so many people, is a pure joy. Wandering through swamps, forests, beaches, deserts and cities, with the simple purpose to catch a moment in time, is awesome and sometimes frustrating. I hope through this blog, I can share with you the joy and wonder, that I have felt as a photographer, over these last 23 years.

My career in the visual creative world began in art school when I was hired as a grip for a video production. Working for this multimedia/design agency allowed me to explore several areas of the commercial creative arts. I worked as a cameraman, editor, producer and designer for many years, learning the ropes from several talented mentors along the way.

For the last 19 years I have been working as a photographer, designer and educator here in Florida. I have traveled the world teaching photography and taking photos of people, places and wildlife in over 25 countries. As an Art Director/Photographer, I have designed and shot for hundreds of publications in many varied fields of work.

Some of the other hats I have worn over the years have been as a wild land firefighter, custom furniture artist, wood turner and as often as I can, working hard to earn my Florida Atlantic Coast, Beach Bum degree.

So if you have a question, want to share a story, or you just want to make a connection, give me a shout.

One thought on “About me…

  1. Thank you for sharing your background and your images. I don’t follow many photographers because it is a lot work keeping up. In your case it will be a pleasure seeing your work and reading your stories. Thanks. Tim

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