Australian Spotted Jellyfish


This is the Australian Spotted Jellyfish. Unfortunately I did not capture this beauty in Australia, but in Atlanta, Georgia. I was in Atlanta with my wife, she was attending an illustration conference and I decided to go out and play. Off to the Georgia Aquarium I went, to explore and look at all of the sea life. The main draw at the aquarium are the whale sharks, they currently have three, and are quite a sight to behold. (I will post some shots of them later.) I on the other hand have always been quite enamored with jelly fish. I have been in the middle of clouds of them and have seen many different species from around the world on my dives. But in an aquarium, with great lighting, they are mesmerizing! The secret to getting a great shot in aquariums, is to get as close to the glass as possible, take off your hood, this will eliminate all of the reflections and spots, check for finger prints, watch out for young children underneath you, focus on the inside of the bell, up your ISO, wait for them to float into the light, then press the shutter thingy.


4 thoughts on “Australian Spotted Jellyfish

  1. I can not stop looking at this! The detail is amazing and I never knew this is what it really looked like… in the zoo or in the wild doesn’t matter to me I just learned a whole heck of a lot regardless!!!!

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