Lake Eola just after the sun set.

Lake Eola, Orlando Florida

This image was taken for a client here in Orlando Florida. I was working on the layout and design for the Florida Film Book and needed a great shot of the “City Beautiful”. Lake Eola and the fountain are iconic Orlando landmarks. I needed the image for a presentation to the client the next day, so off to the city center I went. Luckily I had a clear, crisp night and the water and lights on the fountain were working.


2 thoughts on “Lake Eola just after the sun set.

    • Hansen, sorry I haven’t responded sooner I have been in the field. In order to get a better idea of pricing for your request I need to know what you usage will be for the image, i.e. print only, web and print, digital marketing and if print how many will be printed. Please let me know and I will give you price based upon use. I can also deliver web ready or press ready image based on size and need. Also I have several other shots from this shoot and some are vertical if needed.

      I will be out in the field tomorrow and will check email again on Saturday. I hop ethos works within your deadline od next Friday.

      Thank you,

      Eric Blackmore

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