Moonrise over the Red Light District

Moonrise over the Red Light District

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is a wonderfully weird and wacky place. I would love to shoot on the main street, but alas, you are not permitted to do so. If one feels lucky, you can take your chances and get a shot. If you are caught though, there are several large men with a penchant for chasing  you down and breaking equipment, if the shot is not erased. The red curtains and black lights, highlighting the “Ladies of the Night” mixed with the incandescent glow of the street lamps is wonderful. I would love to capture the old men coming out of the parlors with a big smile on their faces and a strut in their walk. Then there are the young guys milling about smoking and drinking. They walk by the windows looking and talking to each other, trying to look cool and nonchalant. The ladies in the windows are sitting, some are reading and just waiting for their next customer. One day I will go back and get permission to capture this one of a kind carnival.

This shot was taken from a balcony that I snuck onto by the waters edge. I was waiting for the moon to rise and give the building a dimensional push with the back light. I used my gorilla tri-pod, wrapped around a hand rail to take a long exposure, so the water would appear silky and smooth.


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