Sunrise on the Doubtful Sound

The Doubtful Sound, New Zealand

The sun had just started to rise over the fjords edges as the long white clouds and mist started to clear. I was standing at the bow of the boat waiting for the light and the right moment. Suddenly, the light ran down the bottom edge of the clouds and I was able to capture this fleeting play of reflections and shadows.

The Doubtful Sound is located on the South island of New Zealand. The Sound is a combination of fjords, waterfalls, rainforests and islands. We stayed over night in the sound on a cruise ship during our visit there. That evening we had a moonless, cloud covered, black night, there were no stars, no city lights and it was eerily quiet. The ship seemed to just hover in a vast, black nothingness. It was one of the best experiences that I will always treasure.


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