Shennongxi or Shennong Stream, a landscape washed away

Shennongxi Stream, tributary of the Yangtze riverThis is a sight that sadly, no one can see anymore. I was cruising down the Yangtze River in China and took a side tour of the Shennong or Shennongxi Stream. We were on our way to take a ride with the Pea Pod boatmen. This area has been inhabited for centuries and has been a major trade and transportation route for the people of the Hubei province. This area is now approximately 155 meters below water. Since the Three Gorges Dam was finished, this entire area is submerged and roughly 4 million people were displaced. (China’s official number of residents displaced is one million.) Part of me is curious to go back and compare the landscape today, to what it was when I was on the river. The other part of me is just sad that such a beautiful place and local culture has been washed away.


2 thoughts on “Shennongxi or Shennong Stream, a landscape washed away

  1. Thank you for yet another lesson in history, geography, and compassion. Here is another place I will never be able to visit except thru your photography and comments. Makes me wonder where all those millions of people found to live, and it makes me sad too.

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