A Frog in the Jungle at Night

Tadpole becoming a frogWe had decided to do a night hike in the Amazon Jungle. Our excellent guide, Alfredo Dosantos Santillán, led us to a high and dry area where we could easily walk and look for night life. On this particular hike, we had decided not to take our students with us. Several of our students had expressed great concern over the size and quantity of insects. Since we were looking for spiders, snakes, and tapping logs to see what would emerge; we thought it best not to have screaming involved.

We found this very small frog that recently was a tadpole, working his way along a palm leaf. I have seen many a frog and tadpole but never one in transition. I love this point in the metamorphosis from one stage to another. The tail is still quite prominent and the facial features are far from fully formed. I asked Alfredo if he knew what species we were looking at? He said that he couldn’t say, because the little guy was too far from his/her final form. So I will never know what type of frog this was, but it was a great capture and discovery.

The area of the Amazon we visited was in Peru, the lodge we stayed at and the guides we had were excellent! If you want to have a great experience in the Amazon I highly recommend Amazonia Expeditions at http://www.perujungle.com/

If you would like to see a greater variety of wonderful images from this area check out Afredo’s website, www.dosmundosphotography.com/


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