The Shepard

The Shepard and his lone sheep in front of the flock on the road to Agra, India.

The Shepard and his lone sheep in front of the flock on the road to Agra, India.

We were on our way to Agra from Jaipur in India when we had to stop for this shepard and his flock.  He was in no hurry and he had a moderate sized group of sheep. The sheep in this shot seemed to be the leader of the flock as he kept a constant distance and from the shepard and the flock kept a respectable distance from him. We were traveling in a large motor coach and he and his ensemble seemed to take no notice of us. This was his road, his lands and we were the annoying intruders. Along our travels we noticed that the concept of a highway, as we enjoy in our country doesn’t seem to be the same in India. There were elephants, camels, goats, sheep, cows, monkeys, bikers, hikers and the occasional road side bazaar set up on the highway. Our guide then informed us that historically these lands are indeed owned by these farmers (going back generations) and they do not recognize that the state has the right to take their lands and build roads. So the people that own these lands treat the highways as theirs and they can do whatever they wish on them. The speed limit signs my say 60mph, but in reality it is more like 25mph dodging all manner of man and beast.


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