The Saltwater Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodile

This is a 16 foot salt water crocodile. Several people asked me how in the hell did I get this shot? I found him in a wildlife park in Kuranda, Australia. I was hanging over the side of a bridge with my 70mm to 200mm lens to capture this image. Unlike their brothers, the American Alligator, the “salties” are not a generally friendly bunch. In the wild you will usually see only one by itself and maybe a half mile down the river you will find another. In Florida, you will find alligators piled up on top of one another in some areas. I don’t mind getting close to an alligator to get a shot and I have many times, but I wouldn’t chance it with a “salty” in the wild. They are far more aggressive and a bit more crafty.

What drew me in to take this shot, was the abstract pattern and shape that the top of his head created. There have been many that have looked at this image and asked, what is it? When I point out the eyes and the tops of the teeth underwater, I love to see the changed look on their faces! So I hope you enjoy a little abstract/nature/crocodile photography as much as I enjoyed capturing it.


13 thoughts on “The Saltwater Crocodile

  1. This is incredible! It’s so symmetrical too which gives it a very abstracty vibe. I was looking at it for a good 30 seconds before I realised it was the head of the crocodile and the found the eyes. Oops.

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