Waiting For The Shot

kathy waiting for the shot

kathy waiting for the shot

This is my travel companion, fellow professor, student wrangler and lovely wife Katherine. We have traveled together over the last 12 plus years all over this globe, exploring, taking photos and teaching our students photography from Florida Southern College. Occasionally, I am able to get a shot of her, (if she will let me). This time, I was able to sneak a shot in. She was waiting for a shot to set itself up, the light was beautiful and the action was about to happen. And I was waiting for her to get in the right spot at the edge of the shadows and light as well. We both got lucky!

We were in Pienza, Italy. Pienza is one of those classic Italian small towns from old stories and movies, small, quaint and full of charm. It lies in the province of Siena, in the Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany. In 1996 the entire area was a declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, deservedly so. If you ever get the chance, spend a day here and just soak in the light.


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