The Amazon Leaf Frog

Peru, Amazon Jungle 2011

We were walking through the Amazon jungle in Peru looking for poison dart frogs. Eventually we found several of the tiny, brightly colored amphibians. But as you can see, this is not a poison dart frog, this is a leaf frog. Our guide Alfredo Dosantos was leading our hike and started to point out these wonderfully camouflaged frogs. Their backs from our great height looks just like a fallen leaf on the jungle floor. At first it was hard to spot them, but after a while we got used to looking for them and they were everywhere. It almost became a game to see who could find the most. 

With most camouflaged or mimic species their main defense is just to be still and hope their “camo” fools the predator. So at first, I was taking shots from above to show how they blended into their environment. Then I decided to try and get a close up on their level.  Since his natural defense was to not move, he was the perfect “model” and posed very nicely for my shot. 


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