The Blue Mountains

Morning Clouds in The Blue Mountains

Morning Clouds in The Blue Mountains

We were driving to our morning destination and as we turned the corner, I asked the bus driver to stop. These were the last of the morning clouds hanging in the valley of the Blue Mountains in Australia. We were on our way to visit The Three Sisiters, which is also quite beautiful, but this was my favorite shot of the day. The lush green in the foreground transitioning into dark blue/green in the middle, then deep blue in the distance. The natural framing of foreground trees lead your eye into the distance to explore the valley beyond. This is also a panoramic shot, four photos were taken to get this wide angle view. The Blue Mountains are called the blue mountains, as you can see, for a very simple reason. I was told that the blue tint comes from the oil of all of the eucalyptus trees, which cover the area. The smell of the trees is also quite unique and lovely as well.



2 thoughts on “The Blue Mountains

  1. I feel that learning about the oil from the trees and the blue color just adds to my amazement!! Thank you so much!!

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