A Walk in the Wilds for Earth Day

A old friend and fellow photographer went out for a hike and a shoot this weekend. We headed out to The Orlando Wetlands Park, one of the few wet places that still has an abundance of water, and is not currently on fire here in central Florida. It was a morning hike and the wetlands were full of the current inhabitants singing their morning songs. As it is also spring, we were able to see many newly hatched residents of central Florida. We happened upon a young Colt (a young Sand hill Crane), an immature young Blue Heron, and a clutch of newly hatched alligators. As I was shooting the alligators, they started croaking quite quickly, calling to Mom who was floating nearby. At first she didn’t move, but as I got closer to the waters edge, the dynamic changed. I looked up and noticed that Mom was quickly on her way to let me know I was currently an unwanted guest. So with little hesitation I got out of there, and as I backed off she stopped her charge. I don’t care what species you are, you don’t mess with Mom!

Please check out my friends photography site for his shots of the day. https://pjmack15.com/


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