An afternoon with a pod of Humpback whales

A few years ago I was in Boston with my wife, she was there on business and I was there to explore. It just so happened that it was the hottest day that Boston had experienced on record. After walking around in a downtown that was a ghost town, I decided to head for cooler waters. I booked a whale watching tour and headed out to sea to see what I could see (sorry about that).

At the beginning of our tour we were given the customary warnings that we weren’t guaranteed to see any whales and please just enjoy the ride. About a mile off shore the temperature dropped by about 15 degrees and the sea was calm. At just about the time as we lost sight of land, our first whale appeared. Everybody ran to the port side and I thought for a moment the boat was going to roll as we listed quite a bit! The mother and her calf came within 20 feet of the boat and seemed quite curious about us and swam about for a good 10 minutes. Then another whale appeared, then another, and so on. We were in the midst of a pod of at least 20 humpback whales, and they were all feeding around our boat. Before they would surface you could see the bubble rings they blew to corral the krill as they surface through the rings and scoop up their meal. It was wonderful! I was actually able to get a wide angle shot of five whales surfacing at the same time. It was a great experience, and if you get to Boston in early August I highly recommend you head out to sea.

In the panoramic shot in this series I put together six separate shots to show a linear time lapse of the whale surfacing and diving.


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