A valley in early winter at Estes Park

A snow covered valley and frozen Creek in Estes ParkWe were out looking for Big Horn Sheep and Elk just outside of Estes Park, Colorado when we passed near this valley. The snow cover was light throughout the valley as it was still early in winter. Even though it was still early in the season the mountain pass was closed due to to heavy snowfall at higher elevations. So, we ended up capturing several shots of Elk and Big Horns at this elevation and several landscapes as well.

I love meandering creeks, stream or paths. The linear movement of the frozen stream takes you into the shot and lets your eye wander through background and back to the foreground.

This image was created as a panoramic, using five shots to capture the valley as best as I could from this vantage point.


2 thoughts on “A valley in early winter at Estes Park

  1. Every time I see a photo like this on my “pixie” I wonder where it was taken. Could this be the same one? Is this part of the Snake river?
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of the Colorado valley.

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