Reflections in Venice, Kathy and Two Huge Chickens

Reflections Kathy and 2 ChickensKathy and I were wandering through the streets of Venice, Italy, when we came to this great collection of galleries and shops nested in an area near the Accademia. Our students had the day to themselves to explore Venice on their own and we took advantage to do the same ourselves. When we have days to ourselves to explore a city we have not been to, we start early and spend the entire day and night walking. Getting off the “beaten path” as they say, is the best way to finding great hidden gems of local culture and day to day life of the city.

This shot is a little hard to describe, but you are looking at two different angles at the same time, this is not a double exposure. I set up the shot through a corner store front shooting through two windows at right angles. Behind me in a gallery was a reflection of a huge photo of two chickens. The image was roughly 7′ x 14′. I had Kathy stand in front of me (I was shooting through the two windows) in the alley around the corner between the chicken beaks. So what you are seeing is two separate planes/spaces and I am standing in the middle taking the shot.


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