St. Nicholas’ Church

Niguliste Museum (St. Nicholas' Church)This is the Niguliste Museum, otherwise known as St. Nicholas’ Church in Tallinn Estonia. I came upon this scene quite by accident. My students and me were just deposited in the old city center, to begin our photographic tour, when one of them twisted their ankle in a hole in the cobble stone street. I ended up taking him to the hospital to get taken care of and leaving my students with my most capable wife to lead the tour. After I made sure he was safe and medicated I was able to roam the city on my own. After a short walk I came upon this great composition. The tulips were in full bloom and the sky was gorgeous. The color, arcs and diagonals were playing together so well I decided to go for a nice deep depth of field to capture the entire scene. This was one of those times when a little accident can turn into a great opportunity!,_Tallinn


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