The Exchange Place

Exchange Place

Reflections in the Exchange Place in Boston.

This is the Exchange Place, located in the financial district, in downtown Boston. I was walking around the city, shooting and enjoying the history and architecture. Eventually I wandered up to this edifice and was enamored of the reflections, structure, glass and went about setting up my shot. Unfortunately, right after I had set up and was getting my shot ready, a rather large, imposing fellow rushed out of the building walking straight towards me. I looked up and asked if there was a problem? He immediately told me I was not allowed to shoot here. I asked why and he offered no answer, other than a belligerent threat. I did not respond well and informed him that there were no signs that indicated such a restriction. I also tersely reminded him that I was in a public area and free to shoot anything I wanted. This response resulted in more threats and verbal fun. I eventually suggested that he call the local constable to resolve said dispute. Once more he threatened, postured and much to his dismay, I kept on smiling at him. He left mumbling and swearing at me whilst I got my shot. What a pain in the rear, sometimes I would much rather deal with an alligator than a belligerent human πŸ™‚


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