The Red Rocks of Sedona

The Red Rocks of Sedona This was taken during one, of many hikes through the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. I was out hiking with my father, when I noticed this one cloud in the sky hovering over the ridge. I couldn’t resist the shot, a red, green and blue landscape, with a spot of white.

Hiking in the spring in Sedona is wonderful. The higher you hike in the mountains you will find snow-pack and some ice left in the quickly running streams. Down in the valley, the green is starting to burst out, the red rock is vibrant and washed clean by the winter rain and snow. If you are lucky, you will also run into some ancient Native American ruins in the cliff sides.


3 thoughts on “The Red Rocks of Sedona

  1. Couldn’t help noticing the little clouds under the lone cloud making it look like an ice-cream cone. The mountains look so close…great shot!

  2. The puff of cloud floating above the red rocks evokes the image of Absolem, the blue caterpillar, smoking his hookah on top of the mesa while languidly looking down asking the photographer, “Who are You?” Stunning capture of color.

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