The Sea Nettle

You might think that the hardest part of this shoot would have been finding these guys, having smooth seas and clear water. It would be a good guess but you would be wrong. The hardest part of this shoot was tiny humans of the 6 to 8 year variety on a school field trip. There were hundreds of them “schooling” about, (sorry I couldn’t help myself). I heard that the Boston Aquarium had an excellent jellyfish display and I wanted to get a few shots while I was in town. So I figured that I would head over early in the day when I could set up in a solitary, quiet environment and get my shots. I was completely mistaken. To be able to get a good shot of these guys you have to wait until they drift into the light and take a medium to long exposure to capture the color and detail. Well try that when you are being constantly bombarded and knocked about by a school of excited youngins trying to see what you are doing and see the jellyfish. Another “technical” problem I had was nose prints, cheek smears and the occasional full mouth smudge. I quickly realized that trying to fight this wave of children was like trying to fight a current while diving, completely useless. So I waited for each wave to pass, cleaned the glass and was able to capture a few shots. It turned out to be a fun day watching the kids, the jellyfish and timing the “tides”.


2 thoughts on “The Sea Nettle

  1. Eric,

    A very nice piece of writing, my son – well done! Great photos and an unexpected, delightfully developed story! A+

    Mom Sent from my iPad


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