The Movie Set of Hobbiton

This was my second trip to New Zealand, teaching photography with my students from Florida Southern College. The first time we were in New Zealand the movie set of Hobbiton was already dismantled and all that was left was the rolling hills and the roaming sheep. We wanted to visit the set, but we were told that it wasn’t worth our time, unless we really liked sheep. This time we had the pleasure of visiting the rebuilt village of Hobbiton, made with concrete and wood instead of styrofoam, plastic and spray paint. New Zealand is a beautiful country and everyone was excited to see the country and sample the culture. But I have to say that I think my students were more excited to visit Bilbo’s Hobbit hole than the wonderful landscapes. The tour was great and everybody was able to take a “selfie” in front of their favorite Hobbit hole. Myself, I liked enjoying a pint in a comfortable recliner, in front of the fire at the Green Dragon.


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