A Gathering

Fall is here and the time has arrived for the annual migrations of our feathered friends from up north. All of these images were taken on Black Point Drive in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located near Titusville, Florida on the Atlantic coast. This area is a great habitat for all types of wading birds and Fall is the best time to get out here and bring your camera. There have been over 300 species of birds officially recorded here, and every time I head out, I have never been disappointed. I had just spent a good part of the day shooting alligators hiding among the reeds, sunning themselves when I found this gathering. The flock is mostly Ibis but there are also Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Juvenile Ibis a few Grackles and an occasional Heron. This area has many habitats to explore such as freshwater swamp/marsh/wetlands, pines, scrub, salt marsh, beaches and dunes. In one day you can easily explore all of this terrain and see an abundance of wildlife. If you time your visit right you also might be able to see a satellite launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.


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