Waiting for the train

Amsterdam, NetherlandsThis was a difficult shot to get. We had spent the day wandering through museums and exploring the city streets and waterways. Our feet were sore and we needed some food. Luckily we found a great little corner cafe/bar that had an open table outside. From our perch we could see the comings and goings of city life and be safely out of the way of the hoards of bicycles shooting by. Luckily, I had my small gorilla tripod with me and I set up to do some long exposure shots of the train passing by. After capturing several shots of multiple bikes and pedestrians wandering about, I was lucky enough to get this image as it was one of the few times there was just one bike in the frame, but that was not the hard part. The hard part was to not rock the table the tri-pod was sitting on. As a professional photographer I pride myself in being able to work in all types of conditions and terrains. So you will understand the difficulty in setting your beer on the table, taking a bite of food and timing this all with the shutter release. I went through a whole basket of fries and two beers to get this shot.


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