Poison Dart Frog

Yellow Poison Dart Frog,  Peru, Amazon JungleWe were hiking above the flood plain in the Amazon jungle, looking for frogs. We found many that day, but these guys were pretty hard to capture. This is a Yellow Poison Dart Frog and he is about the size of my thumb nail. Many other species of frog will just stay still and hope you will not notice them; most of them can do this as they are fairly well camouflaged, such as a Leaf Frog, which we saw many of.  These frogs are as you can see are a nice bright yellow and stand out fairly well. I was setting up my shot and he was standing fairly still, then he wandered around the tree to the other side, just as I was about to press the shutter release. So I walked around, set up another shot and he once again decided that he needed to be on the other side of the tree. This dance went on for quite a bit. I guess he got tired of the “tree frog tango” and hopped down onto the leaf clutter and I got my shot. I was able to get several shots of these colorful creatures this day, but I liked this one the best. You can get a good idea of size and the color stands out nicely against the warm red leaf tones.

The area of the Amazon we visited was in Peru, the lodge we stayed at and the guides we had were excellent! If you want to have a great experience in the Amazon I highly recommend Amazonia Expeditions at http://www.perujungle.com/

If you would like to see a greater variety of wonderful images from this area check out Afredo Dosmundo’s website, www.dosmundosphotography.com/


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