Street Market Chef

Street Market Chef, Dunhuang ChinaKathy and I had a night to ourselves, we had managed to sneak away from our students as they went to a performance. We set out into the city of Dunhuang, to see what was happening and to sample some nightlife. After a bit of  meandering we found a  busy street market, took a seat and ordered some drinks. The markets at night here are crowded with families and shoppers, going out to eat and meeting friends. We were sitting next to this chef as he prepared all types of meat and vegetables. Unfortunately he had a problem with his fish. The fish for dinner were swimming around in a tank nearby, and would jump out of the water and into the street. A lady would get up, retrieve said fish and return him to his tank. This happened many times until the tank was capped with a board and some bricks. Soon after, a customer walked up, pointed to the fish they wanted and the chef set about beating the fish to death on the street, right in front of us, with a large steel ladle. He quickly put the whole fish onto the coal fire and immediately cooked it. Kathy and I were speechless during this performance and decided, we would definitely not order the fish for dinner.


One thought on “Street Market Chef

  1. Yikes, it really makes you realize that you’re not in Orlando anymore 😳. What great stories you have – a book of the wierd and wonderful world we live in.

    Mom ❤️ Sent from my iPad


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