The Vineyards of Lanzarote

Spanish Canary Islands, LanzaroteThese are the vineyards of Lanzarote, located in The Spanish Canary Islands. This island is famous for its many dormant volcanoes and a rocky, brown and black landscape. At first glance you will notice that these are not your typical vineyards, no posts, no wires, just divots in the volcanic soil, surrounded by short rock walls. To be able to grow grapes in such an unforgiving landscape, requires a bit of ingenuity. The rock walls catch the ocean breezes and slowly collect water. The water then flows down into the pit dug for the plant and gives the vines most of the water they need. As you can see, this vineyard stretches back into the horizon, over the hills and up the mountain.

The shot was taken while sampling the wine from this unique vineyard, and the wine was excellent! This is a 6 shot, hand held panoramic. I believe the wine helped me keep a steady hand while taking these shots. I kept sampling and shooting to test my hypothesis and it turns out that two glasses of wine are optimum for steadying ones hands while shooting.


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