A shared ride after the wedding

Florence, Italy, FirenzeAfter a long day of teaching photography and exploring Florence Italy, we finally settled down to have a drink, relax and people watch in a lovely piazza. It was a Saturday night, tempting aromas from the restaurants and live music filled the night air as well as performers and assorted hawkers. We were just about to order another round when a beautiful bride and her young companion walked up to the carousel. I couldn’t pass up this shot! At first she was all smiles, holding on to her young charge laughing and smiling as they rode around several times. Then there was this wonderful moment of reflection and contentment on her face. A long day, a new bride, new possibilities, life’s shared adventures lay ahead, a night carousel ride and some time to take it all in.


5 thoughts on “A shared ride after the wedding

  1. My first thought was too bad she wasn’t smiling, after reading you enlightening comment it didn’t matter. Hope you were able to capture one of their smiles just for the fun of it. You captured that moment right on, good job Eric Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are so right about the meaningful image, but I’d still like to see her smile, just a glutton, I guess, gotta have it all…

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