The Streets of Tallinn, Estonia

We had arrived in Estonia, disembarked our cruise ship and all 30 plus of us made our way into the old city of Tallinn. As soon as we reached our initial meeting spot, one of my students fell into a hole in the street where a brick should have been. At first he seemed OK, then I noticed he needed some medical attention and back to the ships doctor we went. He had sprained his ankle quite badly and was put on a day of rest. This unfortunate event ended up being a day were I could wander the streets by myself while Kathy took charge of the group, and off I went. I love finding empty streets in a busy tourist town. These are the places that the locals travel and live in. The apartments and town homes in the old European cities are full of character and time, well lived in with lots of memory. I often find myself waiting for the light and a shot to focus on just the architecture and character of the old city. Three of these images are panoramics. I have found that shooting pans in the tight spaces of these cities provides a more open vista, one shot just doesn’t seem to make the cut.


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