Black Point Drive Photo Installation


This is Black Point Road. I have posted many shots of waterfowl, plants (the recent Horrible Thistle) and a few landscapes from this area, but here is the single lane, gravel road itself. I actually have a print of this hanging in my bedroom, it’s one of my favorite places in Florida. I discovered here, the part of native Florida most tourists never see. This area has many habitats to explore such as freshwater swamp/marsh/wetlands, pines, scrub, salt marsh, beaches and dunes. In one day you can easily explore all of this terrain and see an abundance of wildlife and landscapes.

I am posting this today because I just finished installing a very large print of this image at The University of Central Florida. Several year ago I was asked to present to the Public Arts Committee at UCF possible designs/images for one of my photos to be a part of their permanent collection. I was very honored to be considered for this and very excited for the opportunity! I presented several designs and photos and this is the committee’s final choice; they never knew I had this print hanging in my house or it was one of my favorites.  So after several years, a few meetings, lots of phone calls and emails, a few trips to measure the space (just to be sure), the photo is up and installed for all to see. The installation is located in the Psychology Building on the main UCF Central Florida campus. The piece is comprised of 36 – 18″ x 18″ panels, measuring 5 feet tall by 20 feet wide. The build and placement of the image tiles is meant to compliment the open architectural foyer and reflect the idea of this other window looking out into the world. It is a panoramic composition, comprising of seven separate photos and blended together in post production (Photoshop). I have also included a couple of the other designs I presented, just so you could see what the other choices were.

I also want to thank some of the folks at UCF especially, Paul Lartonoix, Kevin Haran and Diane Daugherty for help making this happen!




4 thoughts on “Black Point Drive Photo Installation

  1. How ironic that you have this photo in the privacy of your bedroom and it was chosen for permanent public display 😊. Very good writing, nice progression of process. That’sy boy!!

    Mom ❤️ Sent from my iPhone


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