Travel Smooth

Early Morning on the Ganges RiverIt is hard to see, but this young man is fishing. It is a common practice in India to fish just with the line hanging over one finger and the other end of the line wrapped around the other hand. They say you can better feel the fish nibbling at the bait and react quicker to catch your meal. I took this shot during the early morning sunrise on the Ganges River, in Varanasi, India. The river is busy in the morning, lots of people bathing at the steps, washing clothes, fishing and boating to work. We boarded our small skiff just before sunrise and traveled up and down the river to watch the city and river wake up and stir to life. I saw this young fellow from a distance and wasn’t too sure what he was doing at first, as I got closer I could see the line dropping from his hand. This was too good of a shot to pass up. The color, light, composition, his expression and “Foreign Exchange Travel Smooth” captured the morning and our adventure to that point.


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