Stonehenge Before The Storm

StonehengeSomehow it seems fitting that we arrived at Stonehenge just before it started to rain and sleet. Our trip through Ireland and England was a very wet one indeed. Grey, cloudy and overcast were the norm. I like the challenge of shooting on days like this, sometimes you manage to get lucky and get a shot that feels right. The rain and dark skies seem to give the moss and lichen growing on the stones more life and vividness. This type of weather also seems to impart a bit of mystery, which this site has plenty of, still to this day. I was walking around the site with my rain gear on myself and my camera, waiting for a slight break in the clouds. As the crowd ran back into the shelters from the rain and the sheep moved on, I got my break and got my shot.

One thing about Stonehenge I do have to share. I grew up learning about Stonehenge and had fun hearing about some of the mystery of this site. On our route to get to the there, we traveled through some beautiful English country side with the rapeseed fields in full bloom and many working farms. Upon arrival you get off the bus and there it is, next to the highway, on the side of the road. It was a bit anti-climactic and rather small, I was a bit bummed. In my head I was thinking of these giant stone megaliths towering over the horizon like I interpreted as a child. This is still a beautiful site, but 300 foot tall stones would have fit my young dreams a bit better šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Stonehenge Before The Storm

  1. I love this photo and your commentary. You captured the old mystery of the ancient place and time and catapult us there – even though seeing it in the present is surprisingly underwhelming.

    Anna-Marie Sent from my iPad


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