The Zebra Longwing

It is that time of the year here is central Florida, when it is warm enough for the butterflies to start coming out and flitting about. This is a Zebra Longwing butterfly and it is quite common here. I took this shot in an oak hammock over in Merritt Island, on the coast. You will often find these graceful beauties at the edge of the forest dancing between shade and sunlight. I just saw the first few in our backyard the other day and I am waiting for all of the others to soon arrive. In the heat of summer here, our backyard butterfly gardens are full of varied species of butterflies. I have counted well over 30 in one small area alone.

It is also the time for another central Florida staple to come out and fly about, Love bugs! The non-biting, swarms of car window obscuring, paint damaging pests have finally arrived in full force. Summer has begun.

Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Zebra Longwing Butterfly


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