Sharing a Sunrise in the Clouds

Mt Eden, New ZealandWe had just got off the plane in Auckland from the U.S. and headed straight to Mt. Eden. We came here first because our hotel wasn’t ready for our group of 47 quite yet; and we arrived at the same time as the clouds started to blanket the mountain. Mt. Eden is a dormant volcano at the edge of Auckland, New Zealand. The caldera is now covered in grass and the views of the city from here are excellent. Most of my students rushed to the platforms where you could get a good look at the city and I wandered the opposite way. I found this charming mother and daughter watching the sun rise arm in arm, and it was too sweet a scene not to take a shot.

The rainbow effect you see in this image is a result of the polarizing filter on my lens and the mist in the air from the clouds. It’s almost as if you can create your rainbows on the spot sans Photoshop, if you stand in the right spot in the sun.


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