Macaques Grooming

We were on our way to finally visit the Taj Mahal, it was early morning, already over 90 degrees and there were monkeys everywhere. Macaques are a very common sight in India, they have no fear of humans and just seem to tolerate us being there. They in fact seem to tolerate us just to the point where they think they can steal some food. This pair was grooming each other when the sun shifted through the canopy and highlighted this fellow staring at me. It was a natural vignette and to good to pass up. One thing I did learn when shooting Macaques in India, don’t get to close to them while eating and be careful getting to close to the young ones. I was the recipient of many large toothy warnings throughout my visit.

Macaques grooming, Agra, India.

Macaques grooming outside of Taj Mahal, Agra, India


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