Amsterdam in The Blue Hour

I love the “blue hour”, detail becomes shadow and the night slowly approaches. This shot was taken from a bridge with my handy Gorilla tri-pod. You need a tri-pod in order to get the long exposure needed to capture the color and detail of the city streets and waterways. Amsterdam is of course famous for the Red Light district. I would love to shoot there but it is not allowed, your camera will get taken and you might end up with some bumps and bruises. The rest of the city is often overshadowed by the red lights at night, but I find that the rest of the city is more welcoming and less crowded. The city street lights against the twilight night offer a wonderful contrast in warm and cool. The pubs are welcoming and the beer is cold. We had some great conversations with locals while walking the streets and catching a few great sets from a few jazz bands.

Amsterdam canal in the blue hour

Amsterdam canal in the blue hour


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