The Love bugs are back. This can mean only one thing here in central Florida, a change in the seasons, cooler weather is on its way. With the cooler temps coming soon, we also welcome the arrival of several migratory birds and calmer weather. Fall is a great time to go out and shoot here, you will see more active wildlife and be able to be outside all day without suffering from heat stroke. So in honor of our small, black, windshield smearing, non-biting, constantly coupled, harbingers of seasonal change, I give you reflections. I took these shots last year in the beginning of fall on a cool day, with calm winds. On days like this you can sit patiently, watching the wading birds, walk slowly through the wetlands and hunt for their next meal. While writing this post reflecting back on last year and looking forward to the coming fall, I hope to capture a few more reflections this year, to look back to next year.


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