The Volcanic Plains of Lanzarote


These are the volcanic plains of Lanzarote, in the Spanish Canary Islands. The island was once a very active volcanic area, with over three hundred dormant cones visible to this day. Only one active volcano now exists and it is in the Timanfaya National Park. It is quite a sparse and desolate landscape with very little vegetation. There are beautiful red, black, brown sand and rock running over this wind blown terrain. The cloud cover was variable on the day we were there and created great lights and darks that kept shifting over the plains. It was fun to try and play with the shadows as they raced overhead to get a nice dramatic shot of the spotted landscape. In one of the vertical shots you can see the camel road we took during our ride into the desert. On this trip we sat in baskets on opposite sides of the hump and the camel slowly rocked side to side down the road.


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