Waterfall in The Doubtful Sound

Here is one of many waterfalls you will find in The Doubtful Sound. This area is located on the south island of New Zealand in Fiordland. The Sound is a combination of fjords, waterfalls, rain forests and small islands. Over 24 feet of rain falls here annually, so much that the top 15 feet of the sound is actually brackish water and very little light penetrates through to the depths below. It was originally named “Doubtful Harbor” in 1770 by Captain Cook, who feared to enter the inlet lest he would lose his ship. As you have seen from some of my earlier posts, this is indeed a beautiful part of the world. The day I took this shot, it was raining and blowing fairly briskly, so it was a bit of a challenge to get this shot. Luckily I was traveling with my lovely niece Mallory and she took the shot of me taking the shot you see here today. The people you see behind me are some of my brave former students, who decided it was OK to hang with their crazy professor to get a descent shot in the rain.


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