A Carousel, A Ship’s Captain and Preventing Injuries

Light Painting with Carousel

Light Painting with Carousel

This image was taken on a warm summer night in Florence Italy. I was playing with some light painting and this beautiful old carousel, having a few drinks with my lovely bride and watching the night unfold. A woman in her wedding dress was getting on the carousel, (I posted the shot of this earlier) and musicians were playing all around us in the streets. So as you can guess from the title of this post, this really isn’t about the photo, (the photo is just OK) but about a story that was shared. Sometimes a photo can take you back in time to a shared moment and story that are impossible to forget.

As we were sitting down to share some adult beverages, another couple heard us speaking and decided to join us. They were Americans as well and wanted to share some time. Since we just made it through the nasty hurricane season of 2004, we were telling tales of great winds, flooding and all sorts of Florida fun. The fellow that joined us was unimpressed by our weather stories and dismissed our hurricanes as nothing! He hailed from Alaska and was a ship captain of a very large ocean crossing, cargo vessel. He then proceeded to tell the stories of wind and wave as only a ship captain could and we were thankful we only experienced hurricanes on land. He then started to talk about his early days as a young captain on much smaller fishing boats. These were the days of hardship and injury, as the young men who came to work up in Alaska, were often inexperienced and would take too many chances and make too many mistakes. When these young lads would get back to port, there wasn’t a whole lot to do and there weren’t many places a fellow could spend his new found wealth. The place they could find hours of entertainment and all manner of indulgences was the local saloon. After a few drinks, too few young ladies that might find them attractive and a rise in testosterone, fights would eventually break out. This led to these boys missing the next voyage and heading back home, the turnover was vexing our captain. After years of trying many different solutions to try and get these young men to stop hurting themselves, he and his wife arrived at a solution! When they got back to port the captain’s wife was on hand to deliver home made pies of various kind. After ship food for several months, this was indeed a welcome treat. Part two of the solution, was the captain provided adult companionship for these young men. They then wouldn’t have need to head to the bar and engage in fisticuffs with all of the other crew, from all of the other ships. While I do not personally condone this practice, after the captain applied his solutions he had the only injury free crew in the bay for years. The moral of the story, pies plus sex equals safety. Men are such simple creatures.


2 thoughts on “A Carousel, A Ship’s Captain and Preventing Injuries

  1. Another great story ! I remember the one about the young bride, and thank you once again for the extra photo you sent upon request. I pull that one out every once in a while, just to relive the beauty of it all.

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