Stonehenge Revisited

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

First off, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been out running around Europe shooting and teaching photography. This latest tour consisted of six countries, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and Great Britain. Myself and two other professors from Florida Southern College took 41 students with us on this journey. We also had and excellent guide, Harald Keller, who took care of us during our three week adventure. Harald is also an excellent photographer, check out his website at

So this photo is titled “Stonehenge Revisited” for good reason, as this is the second time I have visited this site. The first time it was raining and sleeting, quite a dreary day for shooting. Nonetheless, I was still able to capture a decent shot of the “Old Pile of Rocks on The Hill”. (You can see the earlier post on my blog here, ) The weather on the first shot/visit added a bit of mystery with the way the light spotlit the area and the wetness brought out the green moss on the rocks. This time the mood of the shot takes on a whole new feel. The weather was beautiful! The skies were partly cloudy, the rapeseed was in bloom and the sheep were happily grazing the surrounding fields. I also shot this as a panoramic, up close, seven shots were merged to create this image. Shooting so close creates a greater sense of intimacy and the greater detail lets your eye explore the image more. The site actually seems to be quite friendly. This is the wonderful aspect of revisiting and once again shooting special places on my travels, the weather and the mood is always changing.


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