An Afternoon Storm In The Everglades

Storm brewing over the eastern Everglades.

Storm brewing over the eastern Everglades.

It has been a while since I have posted anything new here. I as usual have been out in the field, traveling, shooting and as much as I can relaxing and getting some beach time in. You might have noticed already that the URL has changed from a generic wordpress name blackmorephoto2013 to I hope this will not cause any confusion on your part, but it will make life much easier on my end, and make it easier for clients to find me!

The summer rains have finally made it back to us here in central Florida, it has been really dry this year. The daily thunderstorms and lightning shows are back!!! So I thought it would be fitting, to post a typical afternoon storm building over the eastern Everglades. It is a beautiful sight to watch the mountainous clouds building over the early morning and combining to create a wall of wind, water and lightning. This daily occurrence is one of my favorite parts of living here in Florida.

I will do my best to keep posting new images and show you some of the new places we have explored over the last three months. THANKS!


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