BMW Welt (World)

This is BMW’s headquarters, show room and museum in Munich, Germany. It is mainly known as BMW World (or Welt in German). We visited this beautiful building while we were touring Munich last year. All of my students and my lovely bride Kathy, were really excited to go inside and see all of the old and new models that BMW has produced over the years. They streamed into the building looking about all agog at the shiny new cars and motorcycles. Most ran right over to the new models, silently running their hands over the streamlined curves and grabbing a seat behind the steering wheel and dreaming. Kathy on the other hand went right for the bikes. I think she sat on every motorcycle in the whole building, smiling and envisioning herself touring on the Autobahn at high speeds.

My self, I am a truck man. I love pick-ups, old and new. I especially love my old girl Bessie, who will turn 20 this year. So as I wondered into these hallowed halls of precision German engineering, I did enjoy the cars, but I really loved the architecture of the building. This place is beautiful! One line leads into another, creating a wonderful dance of shape, shadow, light and form that continually winds around the interior and exterior. The windows let the natural light stream into the show room and let your eye wonder out onto the gardens. I could have spent a day just shooting this place. So if you love BMW’s and beautiful architecture I highly recommend a visit here. If they start making pick-ups, put my name on the list.



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