A Tree Frog in The Amazon Jungle

Tree Frog in the Amazon JungleWe were hiking in the Amazon Jungle following our most excellent guide Alfredo Dosantos Santillán, when we found this tree frog. This was one of the most accommodating frogs I have ever encountered. He hung around and let us take as many pics as we wanted. I was able to have some time to teach a few principles of photography as my students took their turns getting shots. He moved around just a little bit, affording each of us to get a unique pose. I was able to get several different angles of this guy, one shot which I will share later is his encounter with a Bullet Ant!

The area of the Amazon we visited was in Peru, and the lodge we stayed at and the guides we had were excellent! If you want to have a great experience in the Amazon I highly recommend Amazonia Expeditions at http://www.perujungle.com/

If you would like to see a greater variety of wonderful images from this area check out Afredo’s website, www.dosmundosphotography.com/


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