The American Alligator

I was out shooting with a close friend and we found several Alligators during our morning shoot. I was able to get quite close to several of them and get down to their level to take several close ups. As I was getting to within 6 feet from these beasties, my friend was in the truck warning me not to get any closer. “Eric, your are getting too close”, “He is starting to move”, “Be careful” he said. When we came to the last gator, he just laughed at me and started posing me close to the gator, so he could get a good shot. Almost all Alligators are more scared of you than you are of them. The first gator was indeed moving as I got closer, he was moving away. My friend never did get out of the truck while we were shooting the gators; he said his hip was bothering him šŸ™‚


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