An Accordian Player Offering a Bit of Advice

Accordian player in BerlinWe had just arrived in Berlin and were heading to the museum, when we came upon this street musician. She was playing a lovely tune and smiling as we were taking her picture. As my students were standing around setting up their shots, another professor in the group was warning the students about pick-pockets. We always warn the kids about being aware of their surroundings and keeping an eye on their belongings. (In all of my travels teaching photography around the world, none of my students have been picked or have had anything stolen.) Suddenly, this smiling lady stopped playing, looked up at the professor and told him to perform a physical impossibility. She thought he was talking about her! All of the students became instantly mute and looked at the professor with wide eyes. The woman began playing again and everybody started laughing, and this was our first cultural exchange in the great city of Berlin, Germany.


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