Firenze in the Blue Hour

Florence and the Arno River at nightThis is the city of Firenze (Florence) Italy, in the “Blue Hour”. The bridge on the right is the Ponte Vecchio, the bridge of gold, silver and fine jewelry merchants. This was our second trip to Firenze and we found ourselves wandering in all of the places we didn’t get to last time. We had been out all day shooting and exploring the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the main city. As I mentioned prior, this shot was taken in the Blue Hour, this is the time of night when the sun is beyond the horizon and we have a beautiful blue light for about forty minutes before night fully sets in. I had already taken many shots of the city from the bridges, so I wanted to set up to take a panoramic of both the city and the bridges from the rivers edge. This is a 9 shot panoramic, taken with the camera in a vertical position. If I ever printed this image at its native size and resolution, it would be roughly 10 feet by 3 feet.

On a side note, the first time we were in Florence we saw an amazing exhibit at the Uffizi of Leonardo da Vinci’s work. I wanted to badly buy a book of the exhibit as it included all of his color theory, engineering and sketch books, but they were all in Italian. This time the Uffizi had an exhibit of Caravaggio and it was all behind curtains to open three days after we were to leave, pure torture!


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