Big Horn Sheep in Fall Brush

Big Horn Sheep in brushShooting in the late fall in Colorado can be a bit frustrating and rewarding as well. We were hoping to head over the pass in Estes Park, but it was closed due to early snowfall, making the roads impassable. So we settled into the valley and began our tour of the area looking for the local inhabitants. During the fall season the animals are on the move looking to fatten up as much as possible, getting ready for a long, sparse winter. What I particularly enjoy is how well the fur and hide blends into the landscape that is currently bare, except for the evergreens. You can see in this shot how the sheep’s fur, horns and eye color match her surroundings. It is sometimes easier to spot them and at times harder, as I said earlier, frustrating and rewarding. As I got closer to this particular animal I was lucky to get the shot, she saw me, lifted her head and we both froze for a bit. I slowly raised my camera got the shot and she bolted.

One thing about gear to mention here. At this time I was shooting with a 70-300mm zoom lens that was not one of the current assortment of Canon prime lenses, I currently work with. I was even luckier to get this shot with that old lens. If you are on the fence about buying a new prime lens, get off the fence and buy the better one, you will not be disappointed. The primes are faster, have quicker focus and are less prone to distortions. You will save money in the long run buy not having bought two lenses.


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